Our Mission

At Hats Express, we passionately craft custom hats that embody individuality, transforming headwear into distinctive expressions of personal style.

Available Styles
  • 50 Pieces

    • Starting at 12.99/hat.
  • 100-200 Pieces

    • Starting at 11.99
  • 200+

    • Email for Custom Pricing

How It Works!

Step 1

Pick your hat style in our "styles tab"

Step 2

Upload your artwork and pay the design fee for our team to mock up your custom hat!

Step 3

Upon your approval of the artwork, you will be invoiced for the total amount of your hat order

Step 4

Processing time for orders are usually 4-6 weeks and you will receive a tracking number when it ships from our Florida warehouse

Trusted for over 15 years by Small Businesses like you!

Hats Express is a pioneering company dedicated to crafting personalized hats that effortlessly blend style and individuality. With a commitment to exceptional quality and creativity, they transform the simple accessory of a hat into a canvas for self-expression. Whether it's a classic design, a bold statement, or a unique combination of colors and materials, Hats Express thrives on bringing customers' visions to life. Their skilled artisans and cutting-edge production techniques ensure that each hat is a reflection of the wearer's personality and a testament to the art of customization. As a trailblazer in the world of custom hats, Hats Express empowers individuals to wear their stories on their heads, turning every hat into a work of wearable art.